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What Is Autism? ~ by: Abigail Layne

Written By: teamcharliebear - Sep• 18•13


Sometimes I think what is autism? Autism is something that some kids like my brother Charlie, also known as The Bear, have. It’s a disability. They can hear stuff we can’t like light. So, if a kid with autism comes to you and says “lamp off” then that’s why. Autism can be a sad thing or a superpower. Have you ever felt like you were painted into a corner or locked in a room and couldn’t get out? Some kids with autism feel like that. Other kids just live their life like nothin’s wrong. So if you’re sad about autism or if you feel bad for someone who has it, then all you have to do is think. They’re just like you and me.

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  1. Chase Skipper says:

    You’ve got superpowers, too, Abigail.. They’re called Intelligence and Compassion.. Good on you, chickadee!

  2. wanda Robertson says:

    Your a super hero also Abigail! Keep that big heart of yours always!

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