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Week 1 of Bear’s Summer Camp w/AFT: TICK Tock! Here we go!!!

Written By: teamcharliebear - Jun• 07•13


It finally arrived! A Monday that at least one person was looking forward to. I know, I’m just as surprised as you are that such a thing exist, but it does!  Though I will admit that from the pic above you can tell, Charlie was slightly less than thrilled with his swim/water play attire the first day. He did eventually get accustomed to it I am happy to report :)  I have to say that the thing I was the most concerned about was the schedule. Charlie is use to pulling a lot of hours and he does adjust rather quickly for the most part to a set routine, but  this just seemed like we might be borderline stretching it to me. However, I’m the one who made this schedule and I wouldn’t have if I didn’t think he could hack it! So just for reference here it is:

Camp is  Mon-Fri 9-3. On Mondays he has ABA for two hours right after until 5. Nothing but camp Tues. On wed. he has Speech after camp for an hour till 4. BUT ON THURSDAY…we leave camp round 1 to drive an hour to our other therapy center to pick up all his other therapies in one day. He does eating therapy 2-3, speech 3-3:30, he gets a thirty minute break until four, and from 4-5 he’s back at it for an hour of OT before he can go home. Friday is just camp. ….tough kid huh? …THE TOUGHEST!

Here’s what amazed me though… On the second day when I arrived to pick him up to take him to camp he came to me! He is usually oblivious to my arrival and off playing by himself, but not that day! He approached me just after Abigail had gotten her hug. Upon seeing that, he reached his arms up to greet me the same way! Mad social skills right there, and he wasn’t done yet! I dropped him off and getting out of the car he accidently hit my sunglasses and bumped my face. He jabbered something and jerked his hand back. He didn’t say “sorry” but that’s what he meant! It had that tone, and cadence to it! That’s a social behavior he’s never done before!!! He has NEVER APOLOGIZED for ANYTHING. So I naturally acknowledged the effort and said, “oh that’s ok. I know it was an accident. Thank you for apologizing!” :) YAY!  When we went inside he was just so at home with his friends and was smiling when I left. It was just like he knew “this is what I do in the summer, these are my peeps…I’m good”.  Kinda like watching “awakenings”…AMAZING!   They play in water most everyday when it’s not raining and when I pick him up his hair is all curly…..SAMSUNG

Or at least it WAS before Thursday night! Evidently on Thursday while playing outside wonder Bear managed to happen upon a whole nest of seed ticks!!! I picked him up just as they were coming inside and I just thought it was dirt. I put him in the car and he was tearing at his skin. I looked closer and realized the dirt was MOVING!! *SHUDDER* Needless to say I got him out of the car, we changed his clothes and did what we could. He got a shower once home, as did I…and the car is freshly vacuumed…though I’m sure it needs another round! Still,  Charlie needed more detailing…So He got a hair cut too! I think he needed it. Shows off those big ole blues….2013-06-07 08.09.45-1

OOWIEE THAT BOY IS GOOD LOOKIN’…if I do say so myself! ;) Let’s hope next week he can keep out of the ticks and we get even more social because I really love watching him just blossom like this. He is telling people “HI” more readily, as well as “Bye”…just this week on Friday he was playing a game of tag with another little boy! It was completely their idea! They were running and laughing and having a ball doing something totally spontaneous and organic. My little boy has a friend *melt* This camp, that place….it just does something to him…FOR HIM. He seems happier, and that alone makes it worth every mile. …1200 this week, but who’s counting ;)

One down…8 to go!

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