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The trouble with Mothers and Daughters…

Written By: teamcharliebear - May• 15•13

Four generationsThere are many wonderful things that come with being a mother and a daughter… This post isn’t really about them. It’s about the more complex aspects of it. About how one day you were just a carefree kid yourself. For the most part blissfully unaware just how clueless your own parents were with the job they had of raising you. Yet now, you have this miniture ex husband doppalganger with your attitude staring you in the face, asking all kinds of questions you think are absurd at age “almost nine, Mama!”. My mind suddenly mists over. I hear the crash of a Deff Leopard guitar lick and I start wondering why they didn’t outlaw aquanet and white rain hairspray when the ozone still stood a chance! …and She wants to know WHY I won’t let her leave the house in shorts that could double as a BELT? All I can muster is a bland “because I said so” because something tells me that “because one of THOSE in the family was enough!” is not the right response either. This argument is how my daughter and I begin most every day now. The Garment War! Coffee is not an optional thing…it’s survival!!!¬†Things with my own mom were just as rocky but on a different level. This was our 1st year without our Mumsie so she sounded like she was doing ok when I talked to her, but I’m gathering it was a little tougher than she let on. I know it can’t be easy. They were really, REALLY close! my own relationship with my mother has faultered over the years for one reason or another, and though we use to talk about everything…its not so easy for us to do that now. We still try, and that’s what counts to me. It hurts to see her hurting, to be hurting myself and to not really be able to help her through it. The only way you insure failure in life is to cease trying though.
In short, I would say the real trouble is I’ve spent the first part of my life trying not to become my Mom, and I’ll spend the next half trying to ensure my daughter does NOT become me!!! Meanwhile …. I’ve got the next Bobbie Brown for a daughter…age “almost nine”. So I best get started on putting that combination lock on the outside of her bedroom door and window…

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  1. Kim Swieder says:

    Parenting ain’t for wimps, that’s for sure! While I’m raising a boy child as my main gig, the argument is the same with different details. You’re having the Garment Wars, we’re rocking the Profanity and Filth Conflict. The glimmer of sunshine I have to offer is that the older he gets, the more he seems to have occasional flashes of sanity. I do know that with each passing year, my Mama gets better gifts and is definitely getting the luxury nursing home to attempt to atone for my many sins as a hard headed kid now that I get it! Whew! Giving up is for wimps though, so keep pounding that agenda, Huxtable, and you’ll get through eventually!

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