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The Beginning

Written By: teamcharliebear - Apr• 25•13

charlie_babyCharlie was born February 23, 2006 after an eventful pregnancy, to say the least. When his older sister Abigail  was 9 months old I learned I was expecting again. It had taken me a year and a half to get pregnant the 1st time so we didn’t think it would happen so quickly. We were WRONG,  but elated they would be so close in age and have a lot they could relate to each other on..or so we hoped! Ever the optimist I tried to find the positives in everything but the hits kept coming. At 14 weeks, on a visit to a family members house out of state, I slipped on my footing and bounced on my rear down 5 steps! Not knowing any doctors in the town or that were open on a Sunday, I waited till I got home on Monday to be  seen by my own. My husband at the time wasn’t there, not uncommon. We were already falling apart but no one knew it as we did all our fighting behind closed doors. I felt alone… A lot!  Scared and fearful I was going to lose my baby. I was alone when I fell. I was alone when I went to the Dr. and told “everything is fine”. I was often alone  with a 1 yr old during a difficult and highly stressful pregnancy. At 26 weeks another catastrophe. I was sitting at an intersection waiting to turn left and another car slammed into the back of mine doing about 50 mph!  It started light contractions & I spent the day in a hospital hooked up to monitors until things “seemed to be fine”. They stopped. They sent me on my merry way home…but I was still worried. An ultrasound showed all 4 chambers of his heart were working perfectly – not enough!  How can a child go thru ALL THIS and still be ok? The deck is already stacked against him, I mean, look who his parents are?!? Now you want me to trust? Have faith? HA! I had to try, but it wasn’t easy. I assure you! It was the most miserable pregnancy, but it all melted when I saw those big blue eyes!


My heart belonged to that little boy named Charlie… No other guy on this planet even stood a chance! I never knew my prince would be so dern short…Ha! Good golly I was smitten! It was abundantly clear…MY KIDS were ALL that were ever going to matter…..

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