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Written By: teamcharliebear

Home » Albums » TCB Teams Up with Jeff O'Neill
Charlie Mack Daddy
AFT Race Car
Abigail and Charlie and Bears Oh MY!
TCB Representin'
both kids sidelines
All grins waiting for things to kick off
Charlie Hotroddin'
Abigail looks so proud of her little bro here.
Charlie and Abigail nostalgia for mommy
there are pics of me around age four sitting in tires where my dad used to recover them for a living at "car and home supply" ...
Charlie and Abigail flashback to my youth
..of course in those pics i was holding my ears, but not bear! he didn't touch his ears all day! i was amazed!!
Charlie hood up
"Make sure you fix her right boys..The Bear's a'watchin' you!"
Charlie Joe cool
I can't believe O'Neill gave him those glasses..course he wouldn't take them off even after dark so I don't reckon he had much choice! HAHA!
charlie look a bear
Charlie saw that and said "BEAR BEAR!!!"
charlie sidelines
Those beautiful blue far away eyes....
charlie TCB
da boys in the round
Two of the good guys right there...
Jeff and Abigail
Jeff O'Neill
One of the best guys I've ever had the pleasure to call friend...
Kids runnin the joint
mine now...
right after Jeff gave him those glasses..I hope he kissed them goodbye! ;)
pediasure poundin
Don't worry folks.. we didn't let him drive...
shy little whistle
smile charlie..CHEESE!
TCB car
Team AFT and TCB
Our director at AFT always looks so cute...
tire chillin
trailer chillin behind the scenes
William stands by awesome unsuspected

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