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Schools, Hormones, and Bears…OH MY!

Written By: teamcharliebear - Oct• 24•14



I haven’t updated the page because I frankly didn’t know what to say. I still don’t, but if I keep bottling it all up eventually I’m gonna make a beeline through crazy and land straight up insane. We can’t have that. Not today!

Charlie was suspended from school today. He has had five accident reports filled out as results of his behavior. Today that escalated to him grabbing another student around the throat and throwing him to the ground “seemingly unprovoked” and “before one of the two paras could reach him”. I am not disputing that my child has aggression issues or that sometimes he can be hard to predict. I simply refuse to believe that “nothing” is causing such radical behavior. Instead of getting him a one on one assistant they apparently contacted another school to come observe him…before telling me anything about it! It’s scheduled to happen Monday and I was told when I picked up my suspended child today. Maybe I’m just hormonal, but to me it feels like they’re afraid of my son and are trying to shove him out the door! Even better is the rationale that they can’t handle him so they’re gonna call a pregnant chick to control him cause they’re afraid. Yep, that seems legit!


imageIf they don’t want him there, then I don’t want him there even more. He’d certainly be better off with someone who treats him like a boy instead of a monster. There are several things I feel we should try before moving his school again. That’s just another adjustment and it’s part of the problem now. He needs to have a one on one, but he needs less transitions per day. He can’t predict that much change. If he’s moving classes 8 times a day, let’s try 4 instead. Skip math all together since it’s only fifteen minutes (of him throwing a solid tantrum) and he hates that room for some reason. Suspending him today only proved one thing. How to make Mama show up and take him home, which is exactly where he wanted to be in the first place!


imageLuckily Dustin and John showed up at school for his session today while I was there. They have been going up to four times a week to try and help them. Today they came back to the house and Charlie has been working all day! Exactly what he needed, and he will be back at school Monday. He didn’t “win” by being sent home today, but I absolutely did in terms of therapists on our team. They’ve been invaluable through situations like this. I guess I get so frustrated with schools and day cares because I’ve seen people who REALLY know what they’re doing in this field. Therefore, dealing with anyone less trained can be infuriating. I suppose there are worse problems to have.

On the plus side, he did great at home today. He’s using his words to request all kinds of things: outside, milk, more milk, crackers, and even his bedroom. Today is also the two year anniversary of the first time he told me he loved me. You know what? I love him more everyday. I’m proud of you my sweet bear. You’ll be alright…Mommy will make sure of that!

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  1. Lisa says:

    hang in there Charlie – the school should be obligated to provide a good environment for you to thrive. You are a sweet, wonderful young man. Love you

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