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Rock Star Week!!!

Written By: teamcharliebear - Jul• 19•13

Charlie has had a rock star week!  The videos below speak for themselves!

In this video you’ll see lots of stimming and although he knows the words he’s having a difficult time. This is life with autism. He has trouble processing it all at once. Words, outside noise, etc.

Label cards – right after camp so he was pretty tired but did well! Only got distracted a few times and here you’ll see some classic examples of stimming. Very proud of his progress :)

Charlie helps read “Kiss Kiss” – He does some “hiding” and stimming but overall I love the way he says some of the animal names in this book! So precious! A day in the life of autism…

My name is… He certainly knows his name and we are getting are introductions down!!! He knows his age too! YAY!!!

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