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New Year…New School.

Written By: teamcharliebear - Jan• 08•15

charlie and santaIn our last post I mentioned the problems with aggression that Charlie was having at his school.  Since then we’ve had two different IEP meetings to track the behaviors and to try and develop a plan to handle them.  Although I feel like we had a good team in place at the school he started last fall, they ultimately felt that they could be of no further assistance in our case.  Therefore, today we started yet another new school.  To say I was nervous about another transition for him would be putting it mildly.  He didn’t seem anxious at all when we left this morning, or when we arrived at the new place.  I was still worried that maybe it hadn’t sunk in yet when I left him there, but by all accounts he had a pretty good day.  Thank goodness!

I know it’s too soon to tell exactly how this is going to go for him, but I am really impressed with the staff so far.  The receptionist was so sweet to me this morning.  His new teacher took over 30 minutes to show me around and answer any questions I had.  No one made me feel like I was imposing by just being there or tried to hustle me out before I felt completely comfortable.  I should also mention that the classroom set up is amazing!  They use Christmas lights on the ceiling to avoid those noisy fluorescent lights, which I love!  There are pictures and labels on everything to help with communication at every turn. The tools and the experience they have are great and I feel really lucky (even if I am a bit nervous about another change) to have him there.  What’s even better is that they expressed how happy they were to see him and have him join!  This is a vast improvement from our old situations where I felt like people often referred to him as “a problem child” or in some cases just acted afraid of him all together.

I know it isn’t always easy, but I resent people who have the option to just seemingly give up on a kid.  In almost 9 years that’s never been an option for me where he is concerned.  I do understand  their need to protect the other students.  I understand that they wanted better for him than they could provide.  I can even respect that. Still, it’s hard to sit at a big conference table, in a room full of people who are collectively giving up on your child.  Especially since you’ve spent years fighting for everything he’s achieved thus far.  I understand it, but I don’t have to like it.

Time will tell if this school is the blessing it feels like it could be. I certainly hope it is.  So far so good…

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  1. Kelly g says:

    Sometimes just the thought of something is more terrifying than the action itself. It seems like this is a much better place for him. I know worrying is your job so try not to be so good at it. You did good finding this place let him shine here. Love y’all

  2. connie bass says:

    Was your old school a public school? If so, I am here to say we were always warned to never say we could not do more for a child. We were told there was always more. I understand their fear for the masses, because I was in the regular classroom, however, that is what assistants are for-to remove the child when his actions become too severe. As far as pictures everywhere, any special ed class or regular ed with special needs children in them would make pictures clues a part of the child’s routine.

    • teamcharliebear says:

      The pictures didn’t impress me as much as the other stuff because I do believe they should be standard. I just think this is a good place for him because these people are all trained to handle everything better than those in just general education classes. I could’ve fought to keep him there I’m sure, but would you want your child somewhere where he wasn’t wanted and where people were telling you that they couldn’t do as well for him as another school? I decided to take their word for it. They don’t think they are capable so who am I to argue?

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