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Makin’ history and gettin’ Lit with The Mayor at the town square!?!

Written By: teamcharliebear - Apr• 04•14



My Daddy always told me one day I’d end up on the front page surrounded by blue lights with something close to that title line above written near my name. I think he and I both expected it to play out just a little bit different than it has, but at least one of us can say that they’re pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
Sorry daddy, I’ll try harder for springer status next time ;)
In all honesty, this week has been a blur. Planning an event imagelike this is very new to me and if I had any illusion of my organizational skills, that is a thing of the past! From what I can tell, great friends and motivation trump just about everything when it comes to doing something you love. The rest of it seems to find a way if you have those two. There’s no questioning my motivation where my kids are concerned and of course other children too. That’s something I am just driven to fight for. It’s not because I’m some “great person who should be admired” or even wants to be. In fact, DONT!

imageThe truth is I will always feel like I have something to outrun in myself. Those months or year(s) that Charlie didn’t get the help he needed. That I allowed the excuse of no insurance to keep me from looking for help even after the depression/denial kept me from it. Then I struggled to find it when I did look! So you see… I know no one is judging me, or at least they shouldn’t be. If they are they dang sure ain’t judging me the way I feel like I do myself! I will never run fast enough to get back that time for my child. Logic tells me that most children don’t get diagnosed before age four which is beyond that “crucial early intervention” phase as well. Charlie likely wouldn’t have gotten the help he needed but overall my issue is that the help resources are not handy or easy to find. The diagnosis process is too long and wait listed and that is crucial time as well. Availability and resources will make this a more navigable community for caregivers of those living with ASD. It will in turn be an easier world to navigate for the person living on the spectrum. One day, hopefully soon that will happen.
Today I’m just in awe of what I’ve witnessed in this town. So many people came out to show support. There were banners of children living bravely each day. Brothers and sisters of all ages shaking their parents down for cupcake donation money… None more so than my sweet sugar addicted Whistler whom I was certain was gonna need a rehab by 10pm at the pace she was going. All meltdowns were welcome too. This came in handy when I invited my family I thought, but sadly none of them could make it. I was the only one who got the pleasure. It imagewas a beautiful night. I guess I just couldn’t help but get a little misty eyed by the fact that when I say it’s been a rough four years I mean ….it’s been ROUGH. So when I sat there after not sleeping in a month run ragged. Trying to pull off something of the likes I’ve never even TRIED before…and I saw all the people that did their parts at their homes, schools, businesses around town AND we still got to help families receive treatment that otherwise might not get them..?
I don’t know what YOU call that, but I call it WINNING!


As luck would have it I think TCB will be partnering up in the park on June 28th with the United Way. We will be hosting a variety of things to sell for the same cause as before. Families that need treatments for autism related therapies at Springfield Pediatric Therapy Center AND… we will have our own bouncy house just for our special needs friends to bounce in! Siblings of our friends are welcome because we know how helpful they can be :) We look forward to serving the community again and hope you’ll join our walk team in the 5k that day as well as help our booth with ideas. (Bracelets, earrings, baked goods) we can sale anything we choose! :)
Leave comments here or find us on Facebook under Team Charlie Bear or contact the united way of Robertson county Tennessee if you want to donate items.

Reckon that “BatBear signal” might come in handy after all… ;) image

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