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FaceBook Flashback: July 11th, 2012

Written By: teamcharliebear - Apr• 26•13

charlie and abigailInteresting situation yesterday put some things in perspective for me, and with all this stuff about Fifty Cent in the Media, and now the 19 yr old that was abandoned in that bar causing such a negative backlash … I guess it came full circle for me in a way and I thought we could all learn from it. Abigail was outside playing with some kids in our neighborhood. Being my little helper, I asked if she would discreetly take a bagged up dirty diaper to the dumpster. One of the kids started to laugh when they realized her six year old brother still wore diapers, and she started to cry. She came running to me hoping I would attack, Mama tiger that I am. I brushed her hair out of her tear streaked face and called the kids over..assuring them no one was “in trouble”. I explained to her, and them that I knew it must seem odd for a bigger kid to need diapers, after all, Charlie looks just like them, but he’s just “a little different”. He learns a bit differently and in his own time. I told them about his camp and how great he was doing. How he wasn’t talking yet, but said his 1st sentence just this year! They smiled. About that time Abigail went in and brought him out to meet them. She was so proud, and he wanted me to pick him up. They were eating out of his hand by this point..hanging on my every word. I explained how some kids with his severity level could be in their teens before successfully potty trained but Charlie had only used one diaper the past two days so far and the rest were potty trips, and then he gave me a high five! The were thrilled by that. The crowd dispersed everyone went home and Abigail and me and Bear went inside. I just looked at my beautiful little girl, tears long gone, and said “see baby, when we stay calm, and talk to people with love and understanding we are far more likely to teach them what they need to know. But if we get angry and start yelling and getting defensive.. They’ll just stop listening and then no one will learn anything. So we teach with love, ok?” she smiled, I saw the light go on in her head and she said “ok”. But ya wanna know something? …. That light came on in my head too! Just thought I’d pass it along ♥ Have a great day, and love one another!

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