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It’s been a good run…

Written By: teamcharliebear - May• 12•14

image Took Mr. Bear to a new Doctor this week. A Neurologist. Truthfully we probably should have done it sooner considering how severe he is. It takes me a while to do the important things. I’m very resistant to change and I always feel maxed out already. Like if they throw anything else on this load I’m bound to blow a fuse! Up until now, Charlie has never been on any medication. When he gets sick giving him medicine requires at the least a lot of creativity. At his worst it requires a few wrestling moves, a poncho and a tarp! I often imagine the police showing up with him screaming, while I’m sitting on his chest trying to force medicine in his mouth. Him laying on a plastic sheet (for when he spits it out). To a bystander I’m sure it looks like a mob hit is taking place! Needless to say, this is a scene I would hate to explain or live through on a regular basis. Then again, it looks like I may have to.
Charlie has gotten increasingly violent and very stemmy. He even attacked the assistant on the special needs bus. She’s a nice older lady and she probably bruises easily, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. It could be his frustration at not fully understanding why his routine has changed…again. He rides the bus home now too and his therapies are in a holding pattern. Maybe he just doesn’t understand or maybe he’s angry.image I only have theories where he is concerned, and sometimes I’m just out of ideas. My brain is on overload with my life in a pending status. I have to pack and move in less than a month. I have to send off for new documentation (birth certificates and social security cards) before I can even enroll them both in two different schools. Abigail will be in middle school by our new district standards. School is almost out and I haven’t even seen the ones I have in mind for next year. There is so much to do and I get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Now this new doctor wants to try him on a daily med that he’s hoping will mellow the bear out a bit. Not to the point of drooling on himself. Just to the point he can focus and not be all over the place sensory wise etc. He is presenting what I call turrette type behaviors. These are choppy shaky type movements that had me concerned he may be having seizures that were undetectable. The EEG could rule these out, but glueing electrodes to his head and telling him to not touch them and sit still for an hour plus? Neither the doc nor I saw that ending well! They wouldn’t get an accurate reading and we’d go through unnecessary hell trying. So, we attempt this pill I get to brake in half and crush into something for him to refuse to eat most likely. If only they could make medicinal bacon! Oh well, here’s hoping he starts loving yogurt.

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