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“Them there is fightin’ words!”

My head is spinning. This is INSANE! I have driven myself almost completely crazy, at the very least to the edge of death by exhaustion (yup, pretty sure that’s a thing).  Just to get this child the help he needs, and now….? We are losing his insurance …AGAIN!  Why? Because me getting married somehow made […]

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It’s been a good run…

Took Mr. Bear to a new Doctor this week. A Neurologist. Truthfully we probably should have done it sooner considering how severe he is. It takes me a while to do the important things. I’m very resistant to change and I always feel maxed out already. Like if they throw anything else on this load […]

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Transcript of the Student Assembly at SHS on April 1st, 2014.

Good Morning. My name is PJ and I’m here today to explain why your hall has recently turned this lovely shade of blue. Up until now, Blue has been known throughout our community as the color of Child Abuse Awareness, but it stands for more than just that. It’s also the color of Autism Awareness. […]

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Makin’ history and gettin’ Lit with The Mayor at the town square!?!

  My Daddy always told me one day I’d end up on the front page surrounded by blue lights with something close to that title line above written near my name. I think he and I both expected it to play out just a little bit different than it has, but at least one of […]

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Wrangling Demons…

I have this particularly bad habit of creating projects to keep myself busy. Usually just busy enough to avoid dealing with whatever other thing I’m finding overwhelming right then. – there’s an IEP coming up for Charlie. – there’s a wedding to plan. – I have to pack and move in three months! – I […]

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