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New Year…New School.

In our last post I mentioned the problems with aggression that Charlie was having at his school.  Since then we’ve had two different IEP meetings to track the behaviors and to try and develop a plan to handle them.  Although I feel like we had a good team in place at the school he started last fall, […]

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Schools, Hormones, and Bears…OH MY!

  I haven’t updated the page because I frankly didn’t know what to say. I still don’t, but if I keep bottling it all up eventually I’m gonna make a beeline through crazy and land straight up insane. We can’t have that. Not today! Charlie was suspended from school today. He has had five accident […]

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It’s not just about educating the children…

When I began this proactive stance and tried to become involved in the Bear’s education, something occurred to me. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! I probably sat through at least 2 IEP meetings before I ever knew what IEP stood for. Sad I know, but it doesn’t make it any less […]

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“Them there is fightin’ words!”

My head is spinning. This is INSANE! I have driven myself almost completely crazy, at the very least to the edge of death by exhaustion (yup, pretty sure that’s a thing).  Just to get this child the help he needs, and now….? We are losing his insurance …AGAIN!  Why? Because me getting married somehow made […]

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It’s been a good run…

Took Mr. Bear to a new Doctor this week. A Neurologist. Truthfully we probably should have done it sooner considering how severe he is. It takes me a while to do the important things. I’m very resistant to change and I always feel maxed out already. Like if they throw anything else on this load […]

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