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What Is Autism? ~ by: Abigail Layne

Sometimes I think what is autism? Autism is something that some kids like my brother Charlie, also known as The Bear, have. It’s a disability. They can hear stuff we can’t like light. So, if a kid with autism comes to you and says “lamp off” then that’s why. Autism can be a sad thing […]

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Football, Zebras, Infernos, and Inspirations. Just your average weekend…

Things have gotten intense over the last…? When were things not at some varied stage of “WTF!?” around here? That’s what I’d like to know. The last time that someone asked me how it was going and I said “Good, thanks” …and meant it, where was I? I wish someone had slapped me and told […]

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Abigail wrote a paper for school last week…

Before I post her paper there are a few things I want to get off my chest. ┬áThere are no words for how I feel about my children. Words that can truly capture my emotions regarding those two simply haven’t been created yet, and I doubt they ever will be! ┬áThis morning, while drinking my […]

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My Brother With Autism – by Abigail

My brother has autism. It means he has special needs. He goes to therapy every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If people make fun of him they don’t have any idea how mean they’re being. He still has feelings no matter how hard it is for him to show it. Sometimes he might slap your hand, […]

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