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About Team Charlie Bear

Written By: teamcharliebear

teamcharlieAbout Team Charlie Bear (TCB): The name “Charlie Bear” is a life long nick-name of my son, Charlie who since birth has been my little snugly bear. Unlike a lot of kids with severe autism and sensory issues he still loved curling up beside me or sitting in my lap and letting me hold him. My ONE saving grace I often said, since Charlie is primarily nonverbal and couldn’t say “I love you”, up until October 24th 2012 that is  …but I ALWAYS knew…yes I did!

TCB began on Facebook really in 2012 when Charlie had to be hospitalized for five days over a wicked bad case of strep that went undetected..till our release! Venting on my page, my frustrations as a single mom of two. He has a beautiful older sister named Abigail. My page was quickly becoming his page! When we got home and I scaled back the “Charlie talk” , but it was too late! I realized the little booger had himself a fan club! He was in demand and I needed to roll with it. It seemed people were interested in his daily struggles and triumphs. Truthfully? I can’t blame them! I find the little wonder britches fascinating myself. He has been since the very beginning…..

Find Out More About “Our Journey“…


  1. Kim Swieder says:

    Yeah! Team Charlie Bear 4 Lyfe! Go Charlie! Go Charlie!

  2. Kimberly Doss says:

    I am so excited for Team Charlie Bear! This is awesome. I can’t wait to see all those wonderful pictures of camp, especially of him with the horses! And I am so glad we have a way to keep up with hospital visits as well. The good & the bad, I am here for all of you thru it all. I love you guys!

    • teamcharliebear says:

      YAY! Welcome Cuz!!! I’m glad ya swung by. We love the new digs ourselves :) “Bear” with us while we work out the growing pains and get use to the new stuff but we really think we are gonna like our new home. Can’t wait to let you know all the latest either. Won’t be long now…WOOHOO!!! XXOO! Love you too! ~PJ, Charlie, & Abigail

  3. Vicki Abernathy says:

    Wow! I’m impressed Bear! Your own website! You’re way too cool! Keep on keeping on!

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