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Archive for July, 2013

Rock Star Week!!!

Charlie has had a rock star week!  The videos below speak for themselves! In this video you’ll see lots of stimming and although he knows the words he’s having a difficult time. This is life with autism. He has trouble processing it all at once. Words, outside noise, etc. Label cards – right after camp […]

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Camp AFT Week 6: Meltdowns, Shake-ups, & Roll Call

  It only took us six weeks, but we did it!!!  A complete week at camp without a sick day or a holiday to hold us back. I hafta say, Bear’s been a trooper through it all. His schedule is nothing to scoff at. Most adults get tired just reading it!  However, the kid is […]

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Productive House Arrest & Week 5 at Camp AFT…GAME (back) ON BABY!!!

Week 5 was a success! After only attending three days on week 2, Zero on week 3, and 1 day on week 4…We finally made it back for a full week of camp. YAY!!! …with the exception of Independence Day , of course. No one was more pleased than the Bear to be back in […]

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