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Archive for May, 2013

You would be 94 today…

There are so many things I wanna tell you. Things like “Happy Birthday, Mumsie! How does it feel to still be the best looking person in the family at your tender age?” You use to cringe when I said things that resembled my father. In truth, there wasn’t much of anything I loved more than […]

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The trouble with Mothers and Daughters…

There are many wonderful things that come with being a mother and a daughter… This post isn’t really about them. It’s about the more complex aspects of it. About how one day you were just a carefree kid yourself. For the most part blissfully unaware just how clueless your own parents were with the job […]

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Dear Son,

  I wish I knew what you were thinking in those quiet little thoughts Eyes so blue and just a blinking Are they searching? Are you lost? Do you need to tell me something? I am trying hard to hear Just whisper to me softly Whisper in my ear…       Why do you […]

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